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Tires fullness in the car a very important function, so you should regularly give them a little uwagi.Mają very large impact on driving safety and fuel consumption.

  Here are a few tips to help you check your tires:

Tire pressure - check once a month
Check visually whether the tire tread and sides are not damaged - they can be damaged while parked on curbs
Check that tread is evenly worn

Below is a list of situations that may result from neglect of tires:

no car grips the road, especially wet
car automatically turns slightly
much less effective braking
vibrations of the steering wheel while driving
If you find that your tires are damaged, we are happy to advise you what to do. Remember that uneven tread wear can indicate a problem with shock absorbers, bearings or suspension.

Do you have a problem with the assessment of damages? Call 601-690-815 to arrange a visit!


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An oil change for free!
An oil change for free, provided the purchase of oil in our company.

350,00 zł

Air Conditioning Service R134A and ozonation of the vehicle.


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